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The Frightening Power of Alpha Leadership

via The Frightening Power of Alpha Leadership

I enjoyed this reading this post. Its propositions and conclusions offered me a chance to think critically about issues that are appearing prominently in today’s news.

It does not come as a surprise to me that men and woman enter the boardroom with different tactical consideration and expectations. What is there to be surprised about? Rank, as the author calls it, might be predetermined along lines of sex. Then again, rank may be a function of merit. Sexism does exist in the upper echelons of management as it does in society in general. Where the author and I part ways is over her conclusion that:

It is important for males to acknowledge this reality because if it is not acknowledged it can wreak havoc.  If men had good role models and appropriate instruction in their formative years, they quickly stop themselves from sexualizing women, almost before they start. They have been made aware of these male tendencies and of their agency to refuse to empower them.

The author who is extremely accomplished and respected cannot possibly be saying that men if they were raised correctly by a proper role model, would not harbor sexist views in the boardroom and elsewhere. The “alfa male” would somehow be raised out of existence. The author offers no empirical data for this conclusion, which defies logic.

In my opinion, the post’s words and tone indicate the presence of an underlying tension or conflict. This tug and pull could be the result of the author’s trying not to discuss how she was raised. Clearly, she is writing from the point of view of a transgendered person. Yet she avoids the necessary discussion of how being a transgender influenced (or not) the views expressed.

In all fairness to the author and as an admission on my part, I have not read your all her posts. Consequently, I cannot read this post in relation to the author’s other writings. I am lacking a historical perspective. This having been acknowledged; I am not persuaded by the post’s central theme.

I suggest that you read Pastor Paula Stone’s post and draw your own conclusion.