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Don’t cry for me Argentina

The party has begun in Buenos Aires, Argentina. And why shouldn’t Argentines celebrate wildly? Their national team won the gold medal at the World Cup games. The blue and white dressed players of Argentina played spectacularly.

Whatever distractors had said about Qatar’s hosting the games, the ratings around the world proved that the games were a huge success. The host country staged by all standards a memorable World Cup tournament.

France and Argentina earned the right to play each other in the final. The build-up to the game was incredible. The great old-master Lionel Messi was going to go head to head with Frances up-start phenom Kylian Mbappe. Both superstars played their hearts out. They inspired their teammates to play their best soccer. The momentum of the game changed back and forth. I enjoyed watching the match. And take it from me; soccer is far from being my preferred sport. Generally speaking, it is an absolute bore to see two teams run around for 90 minutes without anyone having netted a “Gooooooal.” This final was different. The action was nonstop. Argentina won on penalty kicks

To all my friends in Argentina, congratulations and I am happy for you. For a moment that will probably last for weeks, the country can forget about its never-ending debt crisis, Vice President Fernandez’s criminal and political problems, and a host of other pressing issues. Let the celebrations continue until “We just can’t party no more.”