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Pegasus: Powerful Tool for Law Enforcement … and Repression — AULA Blog

By Fulton Armstrong Malware infection/ Blogtrepreneur/ Flickr/ Creative Commons License Latin American human rights groups’ outcry about Mexican and Panamanian deployment of the “Pegasus” spying tool to keep tabs on critics has had little or no impact, and governments are suspected of using it more aggressively than ever. The Israeli security company NSO has been […]

Pegasus: Powerful Tool for Law Enforcement … and Repression — AULA Blog

NSO Group Technologies of Israel ranks first in developing spyware. The Israeli company’s engineers developed the much-talked-about Pegasus spyware. NSO sold Pegasus use licenses to governments. This Post solely focuses on the misuse of the program by the El Salvadorean and Mexican governments. The Post’s author concedes that NSO developed the spyware to detect the planning of terrorist attacks. Pegasus does not come with a kill switch. NSO cannot deactivate the program if governments misuse it. Instead of lambasting the software, this Post should focus on Mexico’s and El Salvador’s illegal spying on its law-abiding citizens. Governments will always seek spyware to prevent the commission of acts of terrorism. Western nations have no problem with Pegasus; they do not use the program in violation of domestic laws.