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The Forgotten Art of Simple Conversation

The Forgotten Art of Simple Conversation.

It was hard to deny the fact the fact that my mind had started to wander from the task at hand. When this happens I usually look for something interesting to read. As long as my temporary distraction has nothing to do with the law, finance or politics it is safe to read. The title of this piece caught and captured my attention. The picture of the fallen tree piqued my curiosity. Like a fish hooked I took the bait and began to read. I fell into a trance reading this well written and thoroughly enjoyable post. By the time I entered the basement with you my eyes were wide open in anticipation of something other than a discussion on the importance of face to face, old fashion verbal, conversation. Your literary skills gave way to your forceful articulation of the theme of your piece. I should not have been surprised; it had to come sooner or later. This post reminded of the value of and need to converse with others. That personal connection allows us to bond with others on a very personal and intimate level. I don’t want to pat you too hard on the back, but you wrote a great post. Now I must get back to the grind.