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Dominque Strauss Kahn is a Free Man

Today Cyrus Vance Jr., the Manhattan District Attorney, reclaimed his office’s credibility. Prosecutors formally requested that charges against Dominique Strauss Kahn be dismissed. Yesterday afternoon prosecutors as part of the dismissal process filed papers which outlined their reasons why the charges should be dropped. Prior to taking this step prosecutors met with the alleged victim and her attorney. According to the lead prosecutors the complainant, Ms. Diallo, had lied to them about the facts of the case and her own personal life. Also she had been untruthful and deceitful before regulatory agencies and there were questions surrounding the truthfulness of the initial allegations. Under these circumstances the prosecutors rightfully concluded that the case against Mr. Strauss was no longer viable. The judge after reading and hearing the arguments dismissed the charges. Mr. Strauss is once again (almost) a free man as he should be. The stay of the order of dismissal that the judge imposed will be removed when the Appellate Division refuses to grant a Special Prosecutor. Did anyone doubt that this case would end like this?

This was the correct decision based upon the law and facts. Mr. Vance’s actions send a clear message that his office represents the People and not any one person. It is now understood that his office will only prosecute cases based upon their merits and not political considerations. The suggestion that Mr. Vance might have asked for dismissal of the case because of some racial consideration is absurd and the opposite is more likely true. We all need to make decisions without a hypersensitivity to issues of race, national origin, sexual preference, or economic status. A lie is a lie regardless of the person’s skin color.

Does Ms. Diallo now face legal problems for her own transgressions?

Can Mr. Strauss regain his former political status in France?