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In And Out of Place

Source: In And Out of Place

I read this post without a clue as to the emotions I might have once I been completed reading it. The title only offered a tantalizing tidbit of what the theme of the post might be.

It was not difficult understanding how being the daughter of an Egyptian father and Dutch mother could cause a cultural identity dilemma. Living in sub-Sahara Zambia had to offer different life experiences than those found in Egypt and visa verse.  The Netherlands represents much of what it means to be a European.  And living in California had to expose the author to all aspects of American life. All of these places are as different as they are similar, but they all serve as homes to millions.  I do not subscribe to the proposition that we con to only have one place that we call home. Why a person calls a place home is not subject to mathematical proof. It is as subjective as a person’s taste in art.  Is there any rule against considering multiple locations to be home? I am sure that the author is not caught up over the singular and plural form of the word home.

The post is well written. As a literary piece, it is super. The discussion of different and competing political and economic systems is undertaken with a sensitivity towards tolerance and an acceptance of diversity. The author is at home anywhere that she has a pen and paper in her hand. She is at home wherever and whenever she is writing.