Ashraf Ghani

From the region, first and foremost we request a sense of urgency. Lessons learned are clear: without regional consensus and support, peace does not break out. Please approach Afghanistan from the perspective of our potential as an Asian Roundabout, where for millennia we have functioned as a hub for flows of civilizations, cultures, goods, ideas and people.

We don’t ask for sympathy but for clear definition of your interests in enduring the stability and prosperity of your own countries and people and finding mechanisms for convergence with our interests. Embracing regional connectivity and support for a political pathway to walk back the Taliban and their supporters from the brink of descent to hell is a win-win-win approach.

To plunge Afghanistan into all-out war is to plunge the region into radical uncertainty. Pakistan, therefore, needs to be engaged coherently and urgently from the perspective of regional interest.

The Afghan people have entrusted me with the honor to be the servant of the nation. They expect me to represent them with the dignity and logic becoming a proud people who have always defied predictions of colonial officials, generals and pundits on our imminent demise and doom.

Permit me, however, to make one thing clear: while our people and government are fully committed to peace under my leadership, our national security forces will uphold our patriotic duty to defend our people and land. After all, the tree of liberty is often sustained by the blood of patriots.

Thank you.

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