News from Latin America

Colombia 7-22-2021 protest again erupt into violence

The protesters took a weeklong pause from demonstrating in the streets. Protests began in the beginning of April in response to the government’s efforts to raise taxes. At that time, government officials claimed that an increase in taxes was necessary to make up for the problems caused by the pandemic. The protests have now included a wide range of issues, including systemic poverty. It is believed that more than 60 people were killed during the first round of street protests. It was set that the protests would resume on the country’s Day of Independence. More than 70 people were arrested in yesterday’s demonstrations. The government has introduced legislation that attempts to address some of the protesters’ complaints. However, most observers believe that the measures do not go far enough. It is not clear what measures, if any, would satisfy the protestors.  

Mexico 7-21-2021 villages refuse to get vaccinated

The consequences of the coronavirus reach even the remotest areas. No geographic location is safe from the ravages of Covid-19. Mexican health officials say that about 30% of the general population has received at least of dose of the vaccine. Yet in remote and indigenous regions the vaccination rate hovers around 2%. President Lopez Obrador called on the country to reach out to the people of these areas to become vaccinated. Pascuala Aquilar is a community healthcare leader in the remote areas of Chiapas. She believes that misinformation on Whatsup is the cause for the low vaccination rate. She travels in and out of remote areas. Her fear is that she will bring in the virus and infect those most vulnerable. Many people believe that the coronavirus is an invention of the government.  

Peru 7-20-2021 Castillo declared the winner in presidential election

The country’s election authority announced that Pedro Castillo will be the country’s next president. He narrowly beat Keiko Fujimora by receiving just over 50% of the popular vote. Ms. Fujimora is the daughter of the late President Fujimora, who is currently in jail on corruption charges. Ms. Castillo rose in political power four years ago after he led a teachers’ strike. He is considered a leftist. Ms. Fujimora claimed that he had won the bitterly contested election by fraud. Apparently, the election authority did not sustain this claim of wrongdoing. During his presidential campaign, Mr Castillo pledged to nationalize Peru’s lucrative mining and hydrocarbon sectors, and said he would aim to create a million new jobs in a year.

Haiti, 7-19-2021, first lady returns to country

Martine Moise, the First Lady of the Haiti, returned from a hospital stay in Miami, Florida. She was injured in the assassination of her husband. There has been official statement released as to the extent of her injuries. Her husband was gunned down in their residence on July 7. Witnesses who saw her arrive at the airport report that she was surrounded by security guards. Her arm was in a sling. She walked under her own power. Ms. Moise wore in a bullet proof vest. Interim Prime Minister Joseph and other high-ranking officials greeted her upon arrival. It is believed that her testimony could help investigators uncover exactly what happened that fateful night that her husband was killed. After leaving the airport her exact whereabouts were unknown.