News from Latin America

Cuba 6-13-2022 last year’s protestors are sanctioned

Last year, the streets of Havana and other major cities were the scenes of civil unrest. Ordinary Cubans took to the streets to protest poor economic conditions and Covid restrictions. The government did not greet the illegal protestors with strong-arm tactics. Arrests were made and charges were filed against those participating in the protests. Earlier this year, it was announced that hundreds had been criminally charged. Almost all were found guilty of a range of charges. The guilty were sentenced to just a year or so to 25 years in jail. The Cuban government has just announced that more than 400 protestors were sanctioned. Of those, 289 had already been convicted of crimes connected to the days of protests. The prosecutor’s office noted that 84 individuals, including 15 young people, were not given prison sentences. If those treated leniently get into trouble again, they will be treated very harshly.

Colombia 6-4-2022 nine miners die in mine blast

The National Mining Agency reports that nine miners are dead after a blast in a mine. An explosion ripped through the El Zulia mine. Apparently, gas had accumulated in a tunnel. It is unclear how the gas ignited, which caused the explosion. The blast collapsed the mine’s shaft, killing and trapping miners. It is said that six miners remain trapped underground. Families of the missing miners have gathered around the mine’s entrance. They are on hand to receive personalized updates as to the rescue efforts.  More rescuers have joined the effort to free the trapped miners. Because of inclement weather and the fear of further explosions the rescuers have been moving diligently and with caution. There is a race against time to free the trapped miners. The El Zulia mine had been operating legally. It was previously shut down due to dangerous levels of gas building up.