News from Latin America

Argentina 12-1-2020 rugby players are punished for their comments

The country’s principal organization governing Rugby has taken unusual and strong action against some its stars. Commentators are questioning if any action should have been taken against players who made discriminatory comments eight years ago. The organization striped Pablo Matera of his position of captain of the national team. He and follow teammates, Guido Patti and Santiago Socino, have been suspended from the team. According to the Argentine Rugby Union the trio made a series of discriminatory and xenophobic post in social media in 2011 and 2013. The post have recently resurfaced. In a statement the Union said that it would not condone the trio’s blatant discrimination. The Union “condemns any expression of hatred and we consider it unacceptable that those who express them represent our country”. The three will not pay against Australia in this Saturday’s Tri-Nation title game.

Honduras 11-28-2020 ex-President Zelaya said he was detained at airport

The former president is a frequent international flyer. According to him, he has flown more than 400 times. He says that he is completely familiar with the laws that govern the movement of currency from and into the country. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, while passing through security at Toncontin International Airport, officials discovered $18,000 USD in a bag among his belongings. The ex-president denied that the bag was his. Zelaya challenged the Prosecutor’s Office to discover who had attempted to frame him. According to a statement from the Prosecutor’s office, Zelaya simply had to sign paperwork indicating that the money was not his and he would have been free to travel. According to the government, he was never formally detained. During his presidency, he was an ally of the late Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Zelaya was ousted by during a military coup. He has remained active in politics.