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Argentina and Brazil 6-30-2020 locust swarms are on the moved

In Africa, India and other parts of the world locust swarms are causing havoc for framers and governments. The voracious insects land in a fertile area. There they consume crops and vegetation before taking off for more fertile areas. Experts say that the insects can fly up to 100 miles a day in search of food. It is believed that the creatures left Paraguay and entered Argentina on May 21. It is thought that the swarm will next fly into Brazil and Uruguay. The locusts are eating vegetation in the Santa Fe and Formosa provinces. The insects are eating corps of corn, sugar cane, wheat, and oats. According to authorities, aerial fumigation has reduced substantially the size of the swarm. The arrival of an unexpected cold front has slowed the migration of the swarm. The insects have become lethargic and stationary.