News from Latin America

Haiti 2-13-2023 kidnappings are a way of life

The violence in the country seems to be spreading. No one believes that there is a rule of law. Criminal gangs have gained prominence. Their political and economic power grows geometrically each week. Most observers question what sections of the country remain under government control. The government seems to exist in name only. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has described the situation in Haiti as being a nightmare. A group of criminals abducted three worshipers as they left services. Over the last few months, kidnappings have dramatically increased. It is said that the kidnappers of the three demanded huge sums of money for their release and safe return. The gangs also employ snipers to keep control over their areas.   

Brazil 2-12-2023 former president to return to Brazil

Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro arrived in the United States two days before Lula was installed in office. The timing of his arrival cannot be coincidental. After spending a few days in Florida, the ex-president applied for a 6-month tourist visa. One would think that he would be allowed to stay in the U.S. for a period based on the fact that he is a former head of state. Observers offer the idea that he left Brazil to avoid legal entanglements. Lula supporters accuse him of having instigated the violence that resulted in the attack on government buildings. The Supreme Court has opened an investigation into Bolsonaro’s role in the denial of the election movement. The former president has said that he plans on returning to Brazil shortly. Some observers believe that he might be contemplating asking for asylum in the United States or some other friendly country.