News from Africa

Namibia 1-20-2022 LBGT couples lose their case

Two foreign workers sued to have their same-sex spouses join them in the country. They sought to force the government to allow their partners into the country. The African nation does not recognize same-sex relationships. These relationships are considered immoral. Same-sex relationships are criminal. It was of no consequence that the petitioners have legal papers to work in the country. In their home countries, their relationships are legal. In their decision, the High Court Judges said they were bound by prior precedent. The petitioners are not permitted to engage in same-sex relationships and are subject to the same laws as are citizens of Namibia. One must assume that the petitioners were aware of the law prior to applying for permission to enter and work in the country.  

DR Congo 1-19-2022 guilty verdicts for mass rapes

Two years ago, there was a three-day riot at Kasapa Central Prison near Lubumbashi. No one denies the fact that the facility is run down and poorly managed. The male inmates rioted in protest to the conditions. During this uprising, the rioters gained access to the women prisoners. The males engaged in the systematic and repeated rape of some of the female inmates. Thirty-seven women and an underage teen testified against the defendants. Some female victims were too afraid to testify for fear of retribution. Some of the victims contracted sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. The defendants were fined and given an additional fifteen years to jail. During the riot, twenty guards lost their lives.

Kenya 1-18-2022 bodies found floating in a scenic river

There is no evidence as to who dumped several bodies into the Yala Rivera. Why the bodies were thrown into the river is also unknown. The bodies might have been deposited in Lake Victoria and drifted into the river. It does not appear religious considerations were a factor in the dumping of the bodies. Activists discovered at least 20 bodies semi-submerged in the river. The local mortuary had already buried some of the bodies in a mass grave. There is sufficient space in the gravesite for additional bodies. Local authorities did not say that any efforts have been undertaken to identify the dead. The mysteries can only be solved once the bodies have been identified and where they were originally dumped into the water.

Sudan 1-17-2022 seven protesters killed by security forces

More than 70 people have been killed since the military staged its October coup. Protesters continue to flood the streets demanding that civilian rule be restored. Thousands of people demonstrated in the capital Khartoum and the central city of Wad Madani. Security forces used live ammunition against the demonstrators. Eyewitnesses report that three people were killed in the violence. The ruling junta has said that it plans to establish an anti-terrorism unit to deal with subversion. A high-ranking U.S. Department of State official is scheduled to visit the country. Most residents had hoped that with the ouster of President al Bashir democracy would be established. Hope is vanishing that democracy will be established and that the country’s economic problems will be solved.

Rwanda 1-17-2022 ¨Hotel Rwanda” star is a no show in court

Paul Rusesabargina was charged with supporting terrorism in his country. When the charges were filed, the famous libertarian was living in Europe. At the time of his detention, he was scheduled to speak at a conference. He never arrived for his speaking engagement. He next showed up in a Rwandan court in handcuffs. His family members said that he was illegally abducted off the streets in Europe. After a trial held in September,  he was found guilty of involvement with the outlawed National Liberation Front. The group is accused of carrying out deadly attacks in Rwanda in 2018 and 2019. The court sentenced him and other defendants to 25 years in prison. The prosecution filed an appeal seeking harsher sentences. Rusesabargina did not appear in court on proceedings related to the appeal.