News from Africa

Sudan 6-9-2021 to removes all fuel subsidies

It stands to reason that cheap gas would be popular with the average motorist. Also, businesses welcome cheap prices for diesel fuel. This allows for commercial traffic to move about without paying the market price for fuel. The government has ended all fuel subsidies. The price for a gallon of gasoline and diesel have doubled overnight. Truckers and transportation companies are upset over the elimination of the subsidies. Officials claim that maintaining fuel prices at current levels would have cost the country at least 1bn a year. The ministry added that despite the latest increase, the price of fuel in Sudan remained among the lowest in Africa. Previous price rises have sparked protests. Economic reforms have sparked out-of-control inflation at about 300%.

Mozambique 6-8-2021 company blocks numbers linked to fraud

The mobile telecommunications firm Vodacom overseas M-Pesa, a mobile platform for transmitting money. The company reports that at least 80 citizens are victims of some form of money transmittal fraud each day. A spokesperson for the company, Daisy Modeira, called on other service providers to work together to deal with the problem. Telephone numbers involved in fraudulent transactions should be blocked by all providers. Movitel, a competitor, reports that it has eliminated the problem of fraud among its subscribers. It is well known that its customers are still complaining about being victims of fraud. The Mozambican Communications Regulatory Authority recommends that there be a biometric registry established.  

Burkina Faso 6-6-2021 attackers kill at least 160 villagers

Early Saturday morning armed men raided the village of Solham. They burned homes and sacked businesses in local markets. The attacks were random and designed to intimidate the residents. Government officials exclaim that it was the worst attack in recent years. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the brazen attack. The UN Chief, Antonio Guterres, called the incident barbaric. He called on the international community to aid nations in their fight against extremism. Jihadists have become more active recently in the large un protected areas.. Attacks like this are too common. Locals discovered three mass graves with around 160 bodies. President Kabore declared three days of national morning for those who denied in the attack.