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Gambia  6-30-2020 might allow skin lightening creams

The law against banning skin-bleaching creams has been on the books for decades. The law prohibits the importation, sale, possession and use of the creams. It is not clear why the ban was first enacted. Regardless of the ban, many women regularly use the creams. It is said that men prefer light skinned women over the darker counterparts. Advocates pushing for a change in the law argue that the ban discriminates against women and girls. They argue that they should have the right to use the products that they want to. Supporters of the ban argue that the creams contain toxic substances that can damage the skin. The bleaching process is harsh on the shin. It is unclear why the ban was initially enacted. It is thought that the ban had more to do with political considerations rather than health concerns. A new skin-bleaching cream recently launched in Nigeria.