News from Africa

Mozambique 5-11-2021 Portugal to train troops to fight jihadists

Presently, government troops are engaged in fight Islamists in the Palma area. Portugal has decided to train Mozambique’s solders in the art of fighting terrorists. The training is part of a five-year plan that will see Portugal increase its number of troops in Mozambique to 80 to train Mozambican soldiers, share intelligence and help the country use drones to track the militants’ movements. The EU will send a contingent of troops to aid in the training of the country’s soldiers. It is believed that the additional help will allow the troops to combat the insurgents on more than equal footing. Insurgents have been carrying our operations in the Cabo Delgado region with impunity. International security experts have always questioned Mozambican soldiers readiness to deal with the insurgents.  

Botswana – Zambia 5-10-2021 bridge now links the two nations Anything that encourages trade between the two nations is a good thing. The Kazungula bridge has officially opened.  The 250-million-dollar bridge spans the Zambezi river and links the two nations. It is hoped that commerce between the two nations will dramatically increase. The bridge will handle rail and vehicle traffic at the same time. The building of the bridge was financed by the African Development Bank and loan from Japan. Before the bridge, trucks had to offload their cargo to have it ferried across the river. Now commercial vehicle can transverse the bridge with the goods. The bridge will lower the costs of moving goods between the two countries. It is hoped that other countries in the region will have the economies boosted by the now opened bridge.

Nigeria 5-9-2021 seven dead in the Rivers State

The country has been trying to deal with ongoing wide spread violence. Seven police officer lost their lives in a brazen attack that occurred in the oil rich Rivers State. Gunman approached a police checkpoint and opened fire. They then drove to two police stations and started killing officers there. A police spokesperson, Nnamdi Omoni , stated that two of the attackers were killed. The other gunmen sped away. The police are conducting a massive search for the killers. Unfortunately, it is not clear who the attackers were and if they belong to a particular group.  Due to the uncontrollable violence in the region, the authorities have imposed a curfew, which has not eliminated the violence. A banned separatist group is believed responsible for the attacks.