News from Africa

Nigeria 2-13-2023 is the country running out of cash?

The country is rich in mineral resources. Natural gas and petroleum reserves should be fueling the economy to new heights. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Some observers argue that corruption saps off billions each year. Others claim that inefficiency and waste rob the government of money. Again, Nigerians are angry and frustrated with the situation in the country. They visit their banks in the hope of withdrawing some cash. They are being told that there is no cash to be given out. People here have long been used to the periodic bouts of fuel shortages leading to long lines of cars snaking from the petrol stations. But now long lines of frustrated, confused, and angry people have become a common sight outside banks as the country builds up to a presidential election at the end of the month. People are losing confidence in the banking sector. It is believed that the number of people not using banks will dramatically increase.

D.R. Congo 2-12-2023 soldiers are found guilty of cowardice

The government has been battling M23 rebels for years. Civic conflict is endemic to the country. The D.R. Congo is rich in natural resources. However, there does not appear to be a direct connection between the country’s mineral wealth and the conflict. Tribal and religious animosities fuel most of the outbreaks of violence. The country’s military is poorly trained and under-equipped to fight the M23 insurgency. It is not uncommon for soldiers to flee their posts when confronted by better-armed and numerically superior rebel forces. Seven soldiers who fled in the face of advancing M23 rebels went on trial. A court convicted them and sentenced them to death. The Congo, the US, and UN experts accuse neighboring Rwanda of backing the rebels – a claim it denies.