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Tanzania 9-16-2022 says that it will develop its resources   

As a result of colonialism, there is tension between Africa and Europe, its former colonizer. Colonialism has fostered deep distrust over intentions between East Africa and Europe. It is not surprising that Tanzania is now complaining that Europe doesn’t want it to become a “civilized nation.” Tanzania and Uganda have agreed to develop East Africa’s oil and gas resources. The countries will build 1000 miles plus pipe as part of the Eacop development project. Both African nations believe that the project is in their best interests of both nations. Tanzania’s Energy Minister Makamba decried the European Union Parliament’s resolution calling on the African nations to abandon their plans to develop and exploit East Africa’s resources. The resolution warns that the project will violate people’s human rights and endanger the environment. Energy Minister Makamba declared that African nations can responsibly develop their national resources.