News from Africa

Ethiopia 12-1-2020 concern for refugees from Eritrea

The Tigray conflict continues without abatement. Rebels loyal to the local government are determined to fight on. Federal troops stand poised to capture the regional capital. There has been intense speculation on who is arming the rebels. The fighting has caused a refugee problem of enormous proportions.  The international community has called for an immediately and unconditional cessation of hostilities. What is not widely know is that there are over 100,000 Eritreans in the Tigray region. For many reasons they have fled their own country to seek refugee in Ethiopia. The main reason for fleeing, it is believed, is to avoid compulsory military service. The UN and other relief agencies had been taking care of these persons. However, access to the refugees has been cutoff due to the heavy fighting. The agencies report that the refugees are about to run out of food and medical supplies.  

Somalia 11-30-2020 Al Shabab is not yet finished

In recent years, the government and its African Union partners have claimed that the militant terrorist group Al Shabab has been effectively defanged. As a fighting group, it has been rendered militarily useless. However, events tell a different story. The terrorists still maintain a strong presence in great swarths of territory outside of urban areas. Time and time again, the group has demonstrated an ability to stage coordinator and complicated military action in the heart of so-called “safe zones” in Mogadishu. The government recently executed an Al Shabab assassin who carried out his deadly attacks while passing for a popular teacher. Mahamed Haji Ahmed, aka Red Teeth, and two others were found guilty by a military court of numerous assassinations. They were executed for their crimes. Most observers do not believe that the executions will deter future attacks by the Al Shabab.