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Events in faraway places draw America’s attention and resources faster than events in its immediate geographic area do. In support of this unusual policy, U.S. leaders argue that vital national interests require America to invest its resources in lands that few of us of ever heard of. For many years, ordinary citizens found this rational dubious at best. Yet, globalization and technology have changed the way nations interact with each other. In terms of interaction, we are no longer separated by great distances.

American foreign policy must accommodate an ever-changing world. China and India realize that emerging nations need and want foreign assistance. Without offering any apologies to the U.S. China and Indian actively seek relationships with countries in African and South America. On the other hand, emerging nations want relations with more developed countries. These nations see this as a path to a better standard of living.

I believe that the foreign policy of the U.S. should consist of more than paying the Taliban to switch sides or rebuilding the infrastructure of Iraq. By pursuing the war on terror for more than 10 years, the United States has renounced its place as the world’s leader in political and economic affairs. Americans must adopt a post 9/11 mentality and it should to it soon.

South American and Africa are rich in natural resources and its citizens want to work. I believe that it is in America’s best interest to pay more attention to events in these fast emerging continents. It is not too late for America to get into the game.

News from Africa

Kenya 5-30-2019 dreams of commercially viable railway are dashed

It was thought that the rail line would alleviate Mombasa port traffic. The rail line was believed to foster the free flow of commerce and increase economic opportunity. Unfortunately, the SGR cargo haulage continues to rake up uge losses. The 400 mile trip between Nairobi and Mombasa is still traversed. The passenger service has shouldered the losses of the railway. Every time a train flies by, the taxpayer foot the bill. The operation uses the country’s general revenues to support its bottom line. The Chinese ambassador to Kenya expressed caution in judging the lines financial condition.


South Africa 5-29-2019 half of cabinet members are woman

Since the end of racial apartheid, The ANC party has run the country. Most observers believe that the party has not delivered on its founding principle of improving the lives of its black citizens. The party has governed by promises not kept and a succession of corruption scandals. Black rule has not proved to be the universal solution to the country’s problems that many thought it would have been. Cyril Ramaphosa is now the country’s president. His newly constituted cabinet consists of 50% women. He even appointed a woman from the opposition to serve in his government.  Veteran journalist Veroshis Pillay told the BBC that the president showed great astuteness in appointing so many women to high position. Many people wonder that even with he inclusion of so many woman can the ANC deliver on it long-unkept promises?

Algeria death of activist causes an uproar

Kamal Fekhar was arrested in March for allegedly undermining state security. At the time of his death he was 50 years old and in the custody of the Algerian authorities. He was a doctor by profession who turned into a political activist for the minority Berber community. His lawyer, Salah Dabouz, will file a complaint against the authorities. According to his attorney, Fekhar died in a hospital after having slipped into a coma while in his cell. He was been held while awaiting trial. Amnesty International upon the death of Fekhar called on the Algerian government to support suppressing free speech. The Berbers who make up about 30% of the nation’s population have been the victims of discrimination and repression by the nation’s Muslim majority.

South Africa 5-27-2019 Black climbs Mount Everest

The mountain attracts all classes of climbers. Seasoned veterans and novices alike every year set their sites on the top of the mountain.  The only real requirement is that the climber be physically fit to make the ascent to the summit. Of course, climbing the world’s most alluring summit requires great sums of money. Saray Khumalo is a black South African business executive. She became the first black woman from the continent to climb the mountain.  After the previous attempts, she succeeded reaching the top. Unfortunately, a member of her team slipped to his death. Khumalo has been climbing for 7 years. The mountain has claimed 10 climbers so far this year.


News from Latin America

Brazil 5-30-2019 students protest cuts in educational programs The country periodically experiences mas protests. Groups that feel slighted immediately take to the streets to express their displeasure. Now, students, educators and administrators have taken to the country’s thorough fares. They protest against the cuts in education programs. Protestors focus their rage on President Bolsonaro. The debate centers around the vision of education as investment or expense. The poor see the cuts as a block to the chance to get a quality education. The programs that are being scaled back were set up by the country’s former leftist presidents.

Venezuela 5-29-2019 conciliation talks breakup without an agreement

The talks between representatives of the government and opposition went nowhere. Foreign Minister Anneciza led the government’s team. On the other side of the negotiating table was lawmaker Stalin Conzalez and hit team of Opposition negotiators. The two sides met in the Norwegian capital of Oslo. Venezuela has spiraled into chaos over the last few years. Still, President Maduro presses onward with his socialist agenda. The Opposition does not have sufficient support to force him from office. The parties’ political stalemate was not overcome during the discussions. Consequently, the talks produced not agreement or movement towards reconciliation. Both sides announced that they would like to continue meeting in an effort to reach some type of accord.

Mexico 5-28-2019 drug smuggler dies of an overdose while on plane

Drug smugglers come in manner forms. The most successful smuggler, those who are never caught, are those who do not fit the general profile. On a flight from Mexico City to Narifa International Airport in Japan, a Japanese man died. An autopay perform on the dead man indicates that he died of a drug overdose. The man has 246 small bags filled with cocaine in his gut. The man began his journey home in Bogota Colombia. The drug mule developed seizures while the plane was in Mexican airspace. In an effort to get the man immediate medical attention, the plane made an emergency landing in Hermosillo Mexico.

Mexico 5-23-2019 government sells of cars of the corrupt rich

Leftist President Obrador campaigned on a promise to reel in official corruption. The country has been plagued by rampant corruption at all levels. Though the drug cartels play a large role in fueling the corruption crisis, there are other less conspicuous players contributing. “Ricardo Rodríguez Vargas, the director of the newly created Institute to Return Stolen Goods to the People, said 82 vehicles with a combined valuation of nearly £1m would be up for grabs on Sunday.” Opposition politicians criticized the sale as nothing more than a publicity stunt. If the auction brings in the amount of money predicted, the government will be returning less than 2 million dollars to improvised communities where corruption still thrives. The country’s battle against corruption will only be successful if governmental institutions can operate free of corruption. Paying off officials is a way of life from most ordinary Mexicans.

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