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Events in faraway places draw America’s attention and resources faster than events in its immediate geographic area do. In support of this unusual policy, U.S. leaders argue that vital national interests require America to invest its resources in lands that few of us of ever heard of. For many years, ordinary citizens found this rationale dubious at best. Yet, globalization and technology have changed the way nations interact with each other. In terms of interaction, we are no longer separated by great distances.

American foreign policy must accommodate an ever-changing world. China and India realize that emerging nations need and want foreign assistance. Without offering any apologies to the U.S. China and Indian actively seek relationships with countries in African and South America. On the other hand, emerging nations want relations with more developed countries. These nations see this as a path to a better standard of living.

I believe that the foreign policy of the U.S. should consist of more than paying the Taliban to switch sides or rebuilding the infrastructure of Iraq. By pursuing the war on terror for more than 10 years, the United States has renounced its place as the world’s leader in political and economic affairs. Americans must adopt a post 9/11 mentality and it should to it soon.

South American and Africa are rich in natural resources and their citizens want to work. I believe that it is in America’s best interest to pay more attention to events in these fast-emerging continents. It is not too late for America to get into the game.

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