Quotes for the Week

Feb 14, 2023, Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of the Russian mercenary group, Wagner,  in a released statement commenting on allegations that he founded the notorious hacking group Internet Research Agency said:

“I react with pleasure…I’ve never just been the financier of the Internet Research Agency. I invented it, I created it, and I managed it for a long time. It was founded to protect the Russian information space from boorish aggressive propaganda of anti-Russian narrative from the West.”

Feb 12, 2023,  Ben Stiller, American actor, comedian, and filmmaker, speaking to CNN reporters about the return of his 2001 “supermodel character” in a sequel to the film Zoolander, talking about the character’s social implications, stated:

“The idea of him staring at himself, at his reflection, and just being kind of enthralled by his own reflection is kind of probably a little bit indicative of where we are at as a society these days…I think in the age of social media and selfies, and how people are kind of obsessed with their images, he makes sense now…the titular character…ahead of his time in that respect”