Quotes for This Week

Nov 29, 2020, Hatami Amir, Brig. General, Defense Minister for Iran, speaking with the Iranian Students News Agency about the assassination of nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, said:

“Based on reports received from members of his security detail, Mr. Fakhrizadeh’s vehicle was initially targeted by gunfire, after which a Nissan vehicle laden with explosives was set off in close proximity to them as gunfire, targeting their vehicle, was continuing”

Nov 30, 2020,  Lijian Zhao, Spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, in a tweeter post, commenting on the alleged mistreatment of Afghan children by Australia’s elite military forces that tweet drew quick condemnation from Australia’s PM, stated  

“Shocked by murder of Afghan civilians & prisoners by Australian soldiers. We strongly condemn such acts, and call for holding them accountable.”