Wikipedia defines a cliché as an expression, idea, or element of an artistic work which has been overused to the point of losing it original meaning or effect, rendering it a stereotype, especially when at some earlier time it was considered meaningful or novel. The term is often used in modern culture for an action or idea which is expected or predictable, based upon an earlier event

We are becoming a society that is too dependent upon the use of clichés. As this dependency has grown we have relied less on the use of quotations as a way to communicate previously enunciated ideas. Who said it and when and why was it said seems to get lost in the rush to make a point.

If we are going to better get along with each other, we must relearn proper English. Each of us must communicate and debate ideas in precise and clear terms.

Interesting Quotes

May 30, 2019,  Donald Trump , President of the United States explaining his executive order imposing tariffs on Mexico for it failure to curb illegal immigration, in a Twitter Post, stated:

“On June 10th, the United States will impose a 5% Tariff on all goods coming into our Country from Mexico, until such time as illegal migrants coming through Mexico, and into our Country, STOP. The Tariff will gradually increase until the Illegal Immigration problem is remedied”

May 29, 2019, Robert Mueller ,  the Special Counsel tasked with investigating the facts and circumstances surrounding Russia’s meddling in the last US presidential elections, in his first public statement since releasing his report, stated:

“The Constitution requires a process other than the criminal justice system to formally accuse a sitting president of wrongdoing…He said that if his team had had confidence that Mr Trump “clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so”.

1942,  George Patton, the American General who led American armored divisions in Europe during the WW2, in a letter to Dwight  D. Eisenhower, commander of allied forces during WW2, stated:

“Of all the many talks I had in Washington, none gave me such pleasure as that with you. There were two reasons for this. In the first place, you are about my oldest friend. In the second place, your self-assurance and to me, at least, demonstrated ability, give me a great feeling of confidence about the future … and I have the utmost confidence that through your efforts we will eventually beat the hell out of those bastards — You name them; I’ll shoot them!”

May 15, 2019,  Sally Hubbard , director of strategic enforcement at the Open Markets Institute and former assistant  attorney in New York, writing in CNN Business about the case of Apple v. Pepper and the company’s ability to dominate the market, stated:

“The decision also highlights Apple’s monopoly problems. Like other tech giants, Apple is extracting revenue on its own terms because it lacks competition. In 2018, the 30% so-called “Apple tax” brought in nearly $14 billion of revenue for Apple, based upon estimates by mobile app intelligence firm Sensor Tower. Why is Apple’s cut called a tax? Just like the IRS, Apple sets the rate and consumers have to pay it. Taxpayers can’t bargain with the IRS, nor can they choose a different IRS if they don’t like the one they’ve got. iPhone users similarly don’t have the choice to lawfully buy their apps elsewhere”

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