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paulhjonesWhat is teamwork? Is the word a noun or an adjective? Does it refer to a state of being or a comparison between two variables.? Do we as individuals work with others in the state of “teamwork?” Merriam-Webster the American company that offers us language-related resources defines teamwork “as work done by several associates with each doing a part but all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole.” Whichever definition or combination of definitions you want to use, Eliana and Paul, the authors of this Blog, represent what teamwork should be.

Paul attended high school in Great Neck, New York. In 1975 he received a BA in Political Science from Alfred University. Three years later he graduated from the University of Michigan School of Law and practiced law in New York until 2013. He is adtive in Republican politics and has a keen understanding of politics, law, and finance and their interdependency.


Eliana Trout Blanco currently resides in Santa Marta Colombia.  For years she lived and worked in in Hugo Chavez’ Venezuela.  As that country spiraled into economic chaos, Eliana managed to purchase property and organize several businesses. Not a small feat by anyone’s standard. She has a talent for realizing a dream despite have meager resources.  For this Blog she has put together a loose team of writers and researchers. She and her collaborators share the belief that words can bring about meaningful change in how people think and react. They believe that the word is mightier than the sword.

8 thoughts on “About Us

    1. Paul Hunter Jones Post author

      Eyton, this is a pleasant surprise. It is nice to hear from you after so many years. We have much to catch up on. I am impressed with your details of the past. I have fond memories of our times together in Russell Gardens before you guys moved to Manhattan. I do you remember your jump shot, which really wasn’t much more than a “step in the right direction.” I appreciate your having taken the time to visit my blog. Look me up on Facebook and we will continue the personal conversation. https://www.facebook.com/paulhunterjones

  1. Richard Fantel

    Great web site Paul. I manage a web team for my Federal Agency now and I commend you for using WordPress for your site. My developers are just starting to use WordPress and they love it.
    Hope all is well in your life my friend…….would love to catch up some day.
    Rich Fantel


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