Working 9 to 5? — Emma Mclean Coaching

When it comes to working from home when you have young children at home, the famous Dolly Parton song doesn’t really cut it. It is more like 9 to 9.15am, 9.25 to 9.50am, 10am to 10.35am through to the late evening. Not as catchy is it? Remind yourself that being a stay at home parent […]

Working 9 to 5? — Emma Mclean Coaching


I enjoyed reading your post. It was easy reading. Besides offering some excellent observations and tips on how to manage family and remote working as one, you expressed everything with humor. Understand that I have no little one, neither do I have big ones. I do not share my space with a partner. I don’t even have a pet. Though I have always worked remotely and commuted to an office, the pandemic has changed the dynamics of both. Your words offered me some pandemic-friendly techniques for dealing with the constant intrusions when I am working remotely by loved ones and friends. Thank you for reminding me that a little kindness goes a long way.

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