By Joseph Wiltberger* President Trump’s recent announcement to cut off U.S. aid to Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador – intended to pressure those governments to stop migrant caravans headed for the U.S.-Mexico border – would suspend and divert an estimated $700 million dollars in funds directed mainly to regional security and economic programs with mixed […]

via U.S.-Central America: Suspending Aid Won’t Help — AULA Blog

I grow tired of hearing the standard U.S. liberal politician’s explanation for the Central American illegal immigration problem. According to their political dogma, Central Americans flee their countries because of rampant, retractable violence, self-perpetuating poverty, and the lack of hope that their lives will ever improve. Even if this true, what gives these people the right to illegally seek a better life in the U.S.?

This article argues that the US should abandon its policy of punishing Central American countries for “permitting and encouraging its citizens” to flee to the U.S. I agree with the author, but for completely different reasons than those he articulates.

Joseph Wiltberger’s expertise in immigration matters cannot be challenged.  Unfortunately, his article fails to acknowledge the fact that Central Americans prefer to be illegal and well taken care of in the U.S. than to be poor and disenchanted while being full-fledged citizens in their respective countries. Why are so many Central Americans doing everything in their power to cross into the U.S. and therein declare to border agents ” arrest me if you like but take care of me and my family?”

Clearly, the billions of US dollars invested in Latin American countries has ameliorated the social ills as liberal predicted. If the U.S ever decided to enforce US Immigration Laws, the Central American forced immigration crisis would resolve itself. The fuel for illegal immigration is the US’s absurd policy of allowing illegal immigrants access to social and welfare benefits.

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