Let’s talk empanadas. You probably have had them in all different shapes and forms. There is no right or wrong way of making them. Everyone has their own recipe for them, baked or fried. Central American style empanadas are stuffed with rice and chopped meat with a soft flour dough or corn tortilla dough, […]

via Argentinian Style Empanadas — Delicious Shots

Let’s take a break from all the contentious news that seems to dull one’s emotions. I need and want a break from my usual involvement with politics and economics. The weekend is here, and my mind has been wondering to what I will be doing this weekend. TGIF! Do you have any plans for this weekend? I am supposed to meet some good friends tomorrow afternoon. The hosts have asked all who will be attending to bring a dish to share with the other guests. For too long I have been lost in thought as to what to bring. I figured the dish would have to be tasty and if visually appealing, even better. Najwa Kronfel’s blog Delicious Shots has given me the perfect dish and fueled my enthusiasm to offer my friends a treat.

Ms. Kronfel’s receipts are relatively easy to follow. This is great for me! The pictures of the dishes are nothing less than works of photographic art. I plan to prepare her Argentina Empanadas. I read through some of the blog’s posts. I suggest that you visit the blogs for food ideas and inspiration.

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