KL Auschwitz played a significant role in Nazi Germany’s “Final Solution” to its self-imposed and imagined “Jewish Problem.”: The Final Solution sought nothing less than the wholesale murder of the Jewish people in Nazi-occupied Europe as well as in areas assumed to be conquered later. According to the United States Holocaust Museum, up to six […]

via What we stand for — Faces of Auschwitz

Faces of Auschwitz is a must visit site. This morning with the music of JS Bach playing softly in the background I read through the site’s pages. The collaboration between the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum, photo colorization expert Marina Amaral, dedicated historians, and volunteers have produced a body of scholarly work that is simply amazing. The enhanced photographs of the victims and their profiles captured my complete attention. I emotionally felt the enormity of what I was reading and seeing. The historical perspective is recited with empathy. The efficiency that the Nazi’s exhibited during their implementation of the Final Solution is felt in the gut before it is intellectually absorbed.  Giving the victims’ faces color and telling their stories personalizes the Holocaust in a way that transports us back in time to the actual death camps. I recommend that you visit this site and seriously considered supporting financially the work that the project is doing.


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