An Open Letter to Grafton’s High School Seniors

This is a great post discussing the value in a democracy of exercising the right to vote.

Planet Grafton

I got a great question in my inbox yesterday from a local high school student named Dan:

For an 18 year old, it’s hard to grasp what’s going on in most situations and the stakes that are in it, but I know how important town elections are, which leads me to my question:

 As I talk to some of my other friends who will be voting for the first time, what do you have to say for us?  Most of us will not even be in this state come September, so why should we care about this election, and why should we support you and your campaign?

“Why should we care?”  That’s such a potent question.  And not just because you’re eighteen and asking me, but because I’ve been trying to get people to care about their community for most of my adult life, with mixed results.  Seeing as…

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