update-President Rousseff v. Speaker Cunha heats up

Update Dec. 15, 2015 breaking news

I my most recent post, President Dilma Rousseff’s No Win Situation, I discussed the political battle between the President and Speaker. It seems like the President has struck back. Eduardo Cunha, the speaker of the lower house, was visited by federal and local police  officers. They surrounding his official residence, which is located in Brasilia. Sources report that this raid was coordinated with another raid that took place at the speaker’s Rio de Janeiro residence. Apparently the officers were searching for evidence connecting the speaker wrong-doing at Petrobras. Prosecutors filed charges against Cunha in August.  He is accused of having received kick-backs and other monetary considerations in exchange for the preferential awarding of contacts. Prosecutors believe that he stashed his illegal gains in Swiss bank accounts. Most commentators believe that the searches have only  now been conducted because Mr. Cunha pushed for the impeachment of President Rousseff. The impeachment process is on hold while the Supreme Court considers the legality of the process.

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