Acts of War / Acts of Treason

Source: Acts of War / Acts of Treason

Sometimes bloggers rush to post their thought on events that are to still unfolding. This seems to be the case with many posts on the San Bernardino shooting. This post is interesting though it contains conclusions when they written that were based on speculation. Yet, events seem to be proving the author correct in his assumptions. When news of the shooting first broke, commentators were reluctant to offer any possible motive for the rampage.

CNN just carried breaking news. Tashfeen Malik, the female shooter, apparently posted her allegiance to ISIS as the shootings were happening or during the police response. The FBI is investigating the shooting as an act of terrorism. Is universally agreed that the husband and wife team of shooters arrived at the Inland Regional Center prepared to commit mayhem. They planned their attack with military precision and in total secrecy. Their own family members were not aware that they were about to give up their parenting duties to commit murder on a grand scale. Why after investigators knew that the shooters were Muslim was the release of that information carefully orchestrated?

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