On Ferguson – The System Isn’t Broken, It Was Built This Way

I have always thought that this so-called alliance was built upon mutual hypocrisy. For years this alliance has hobbled around on weak intellectual and moral legs. Instead of White liberals challenging Blacks to step up and assume some responsibility for their on stations in life, as individuals and a group, they avoid the entire issue by focusing on the system’s failures. Blacks tend to bite the hand that is being offered to assist them. It is amazing to see White Liberal recoil when confronted with the passions and emotions of their Black allies when racial relations and strategies for improving them are discussed.

Does the author really advocate that Whites liberals should simply step back and let Black’s take the lead in addressing America’s racial problems? I believe that this is just wishful thinking; a romantic notion in the literary sense. Regardless, the answer to this question might be academic; White people are losing their status as majority power holders in this country. Statistics show that their time in power is coming to an end. New groups of people are stepping up to the mantel of control. These people are not impressed with the author’s suppositions and arguments about the plight of Black Americans. The events leading up to and after the death of Michael Brown have caught the attention of these up and coming power holders.

I live and work with many of these new players. They have seen Ferguson ablaze on CNN and heard the all too familiar sentiments of Black Americans. In their living rooms, neighborhood cafes and work places they discuss how they would have dealt with the same set of circumstances if they were back in their countries. It should be noted that their adolescent children are generally not politically or social attuned with their Black peers. At times I am caught off guard by the things that these newer power brokers say when it comes to Blacks in America. I smile when young White progressive New York liberals are forced to debate with these non-Whites over the issue of race. They say that when it comes to Blacks they (Whites) are blind to the real issues and afraid to address them. These discussions take place in front of me. I have no illusions that these new power groups will not follow the lead of Blacks in terms of civil rights, or for that matter on many other issues.

Maybe it is time for Black advocates to stop arguing entitlements as a solution to all of their community’s problems. Advocates who stand on a podium accusing everyone and everything of racial discrimination only motivate those who are incapable of seeing their own shortcomings to move in the wrong direction. A change of mentality is required in dealing with today’s racial divide. In my opinion it should not incorporate the standard decades old self-defeating slogan that the system is simply broken or inherently biased against Blacks.

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