On Ferguson – The System Isn’t Broken, It Was Built This Way

On Ferguson – The System Isn’t Broken, It Was Built This Way.

The views expressed in this post are seductively attractive. Yet, many Blacks that I know would not support them. I am one of them.NYPost.com picture

I reject as ludicrous the idea that only Blacks qualify to formulate corrective strategies for the addressing racial injustices. In my opinion the solution to this problem is beyond the means of any one group of people. History has shown that the intellectual fuel for driving social change often comes from those not subjected to the injustices they seek to change. I also think that American Blacks need to develop new collaborative relationships to invigorate the march towards a better a station in life. What has happened and is happening in Ferguson Missouri is a tragedy playing out on the global stage. Unfortunately Blacks in Ferguson are being judged not for their message but the manner in which they express it.

It seems like the author grew up in the comfort and security of a loving family. She looked forward to spending summers with relatives who lived hours away. I think that parents who sacrifice to offer a pro-social lifestyle instill good family values and useful social skills in their kids. Does anyone dare throw into today’s debate Michael Brown’s upbringing experiences? Is the subject too taboo for some?

The post’s lengthy discussion of the uncle who was a policeman leads to me to conclude that he was proud of his profession. It appears that he wanted to share his learning experiences as an officer. Perhaps he wanted teach his young wards something about the criminal justice system. Unless I am completely misreading and misinterpreting this post the author has fond memories of her days with this particular uncle. What is wrong with this?

The author draws our attention to the fact that the uncle told her that the police were there to protect her. Was he lying? Nowhere in the post is there a hint that the uncle was really saying; “niece this judicial system only serves the interests of White people.” Let’s not crucify the uncle for not saying this; he probably focused more on providing his niece with some (fatherly) civic lessons than pointing out the failures of Canadian judicial-police system to treat everyone equally. Unfortunately the author does not reveal if she ever discussed with her uncle this topic. It be interesting to know what his thoughts were.

 I wonder… what are the personal and educational endeavors that the author uses to formulate her conclusion that the American judicial system was built only for White people? Has the system over the years involved to be more inclusive? Clearly having some Black friends does not qualify the author or anybody as an authority on the problems of race in the American. Granted, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

The author’s call to arms of White (Canadians?) people to join Blacks in their fight for civil justice is only a repetition a decades old refrain. The old alliances formed in the turbulent 60s between White liberals and Black activists have long ago dissolved. The natural progression of time has led to that generation of freedom fighters and intellectuals to pass on. America has changed drastically in the intervening years. The relationship between the author’s vaunted Liberals and Blacks has not progressed with the times.

The events feeding the current debate indicate that White liberals still have not developed the courage to criticize on any level their Black allies. It seems like the Whites who the author calls to task for not doing enough are reluctant to argue more intellectual and substantive points out of fear of being labeled a raciest by their Black allies. What an ironic set of circumstances.

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