RIP Nelson Mandela

RIP Nelson Mandela.

This post is written in a style that clearly makes the case for Mandel’s place in history. The minimum number of words are used in this post to achieve the author’s goal. Too many of the posts and news pieces on Mandela’s death and his long list of life accomplishments tend to be factually correct but exceedingly boring to read. The photographs used in this post bring Mandela back to life and say more than a thousand words could say. The use of Mandela’s own words makes understanding his political philosophy that much easier to grasp and appreciate. I prefer to dwell on the lessons that Mandela taught us without all of the political rhetoric world leaders have used since his death. There seems to be no end to the political grandstanding that is taking place in print and before the microphones over this great man’s passing.

1 thought on “RIP Nelson Mandela

  1. olga lucia diaz

    I like all that you write you are very smart. conglaturations thanks for give us an other point of view of the news.


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