Asiana Crash: the role of media in modern day racism

Asiana Crash: the role of media in modern day racism.

Maybe I lack the prerequisite sensitivity to recognize the racism that you are discussing. In the simplest terms I do not agree with your premises and conclusions. I did not notice any significant up-tick in animosity, racial or otherwise, after the crash towards Koreans or Asians in general. Because people are free to think as they do and express their thoughts via any number of social medias, it would be absurd to think that racism would not rear its head in the threads. Racism expressed in social media is nothing new and will not be eradicated any time soon, if ever. Let’s be honest with each other it is not just Americans who express “racist views” or opinions based upon illogical and offensive stereotypes. As an international society we have, in my opinion, become too concern about controlling free speech and offensive thoughts. What one person considers to be sign of racism another person sees a legitimate expression of indignation. There were far more tweets expressing sadness and condolences than racist ones.

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