What’s it like to be deaf?

What’s it like to be deaf?.


Nearly every time that I read a “Freshly Pressed” post, I learn a valuable lesson about life. I have been taught to think that being hearing impaired or deaf is a form of disability. Without questioning the character of this disability I always assumed that my physical abilities give me an advantage over someone who was physically challenged. Yet you do not see yourself as having a disability. You seem to correct in this assumption. I am envious of your sense of humor and good nature. Your literary skills are first rate. I need to learn not to sweat the small inconveniences of life. With your resourcefulness my shortcomings could be developed into other strengths. As you eloquently put it; you are who you are and do the best with what you have been given. I now realize that my physical abilities by themselves do not give me any advantage over any person with a so-called disability. Your indomitable spirit to live life to its fullest is contagious.


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