How To Get What You Want Without Really Trying

How To Get What You Want Without Really Trying.

I read this post with great interest. Analyzing the issues surrounding customer relations from the perspective of the disgruntled patron is a worthy exercise. A degree of role playing can help define better strategies for dealing with unhappy customers. Can a large number of customers really be expected to adopt the suggestions contained in this post? 

Unfortunately this post does not adequately address the fallacies of “the customer is always right” practice. Customers seem to operate upon the assumption that businesses should cater to their complete satisfaction. I cannot imagine why businesses would have permitted this idea to become rooted in the minds of consumers. If the customer is always right then the business must always be wrong. We know that this is factually not true; so why pretend that it is? It is important to recognize when a customer cannot be satisfied or their satisfaction should be an end goal. I cannot image many unhappy customers quietly accepting the fact that nothing can be done to resolve their problem.

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