Manhattan: The Dead Ideal

Manhattan: The Dead Ideal.

I was a high school student in Great Neck during the late 60s and early 70s. Often my friends and I traveled to the wonderland known affectionately as the “City.” We bounced around 34th Street and subwayed it down to the village and then up to west side off of Central Park. During those times the city throbbed with life and raw energy. Manhattan’s beat captured our attention and imagination. Yet, these were turbulent times, owing to the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War protests. Change was on the horizon. The city lost its romantic character during the financial crisis. Over the years Manhattan has changed, sometimes for the best. Some of my favorite hangout spots have vanished, though they have been replaced by new ones. Communities have grown while others are on the verge of extinction. Some residents of Astoria and Prospect Park are not too thrilled that a part of Manhattan has transplanted itself in their backyard. No matter to me; I like the new East Village as well as parts of the outer boroughs that evoke a nostalgia for Manhattan’s lost romanticism.

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About Paul Hunter Jones

I was raised in Great Neck, New York. In 1975 I received a B.A. degree from Alfred University. Three years later I graduated from the University of Michigan School of Law and have been practicing law in New York ever since. I am a Republican though I will vote according to the better policy or stance. Politics, law, and finance are my interests. I give special thanks to Cheryl Jones of Lexington South Carolina, my sister, and Eliana Trout Blanco of Santa Marta, Colombia, a one of the kind friend, for their contributions in the writing of this blog.

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